Thursday, April 9, 2009

Redone Front Rooms

I found some old photos of the living room that don't really show it off well.

Here is Stephanie taking gift notes for Kathryn and Austin's wedding while sitting on the stone fireplace.

You can see the half wall's behind my Dad and the happy couple here.

The place is torn up here with a glimpse into the new room from the new entryway and doors.

I do like the tan, brown and sea blue colors of the rooms. 

We took out the old half walls and fake ceiling  header between the two rooms, and the poorly constructed, dirty, stone fireplace has been replaced with a poured cast limestone that is off white and beautiful.

Very nice and more open and livable.

I should be in there reading a book right now!!!

Or relearning how to play the piano. 


  1. What a beautiful room! And what you didn't share was that you were the main designer and architecture on the project. Or that you were the creator and maker of the pillow and reupholster of the couch and dining room chairs or the color scheme choice and wood inlayed trim floor with inlayed entry way medallion not to mention the raised ceilings or the selection and placement of the light fixtures and discoverer of the perfect chandelier for the dining room. Not to leave out the research and selection of the Yamaha disklavier (player piano) baby grand (btw, happy birthday again soon!). Or, or, or... so many talents, so many projects. What will be next!???

  2. Ooooooh, Look at you!!! Commenting on a blog.

  3. you two are weirdos. sweet room though. i would have spotlighted those massive, gorgamous doors though!

  4. i gotta say the pic of me REALLY shows off how ugly that room was.. but i guess anything put up to me seems like that..

  5. Can't believe I'm being dragged into the abyss of blogging by my three girls. And you are correct the doors are gorgeous as are my three girls! (Now tell me again who sees this? :))

  6. LOVE the new room, Vicki! I remember the old room, half walls, etc....and Kathryn lighting candles in there and getting in HUGE trouble while I was staying with the kids one time.

    Love your AMAZING Easter eggs, too, by the way.

  7. VERY nice. Love the fabric on those chairs! And the big, open feeling. Looks cool.