Friday, April 17, 2009

South Bay

We hiked a couple of trails at the Almaden Quicksilver County Park yesterday. Carolyn, Debbie and I went for about 7 miles.
Beautiful views, flora and an interesting mining education were enjoyed by all.
Wild turkeys next to the parking lot and I didn't take their picture until we were a quarter of a mile into it. Can you see them down there? Live and learn.

Obie dog loved rolling in some sweet smelling manure so when we saw this trough with a hose attached we thought we might help him get rid of some of the odor. 
The hose didn't work and Obie didn't really want a bath anyway.

Indian paint brush.

Many valleys and deep ravines throughout the park.

We took a small trail only for pedestrians at one point. All uphill for about half a mile, and then back onto a graveled road trail that's fit for bicycles, horses and peds alike.

A little larger flower and leaf on this lupine than we see on our normal trail up to St. Joseph's Hill by Lexington Reservoir.

....and some cute little "Bachelor Buttons."

A tiny humming bird spotted by Carolyn on a nearby bush.

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