Friday, October 8, 2010

Halloween Costumes-Part 1 Toy Story Jessie

I have happily enlisted to make several of the grandchildren their costumes this year.
I will show you the first one done here and then later the others.
Lexy is nearly 5 so she constitutes what her little brother and sister might be this year as they will dress up in anything fun.
Because Toy Story - the movie - was such a hit with her this past summer, she decided to dress up as Jessie, the cowgirl toy from the show.
Here is a picture of Jessie on the left. We used this as our model.
I bought real boots off the internet at
Aren't they cute?  The brown bottom of the boot will show under her pants for the costume, then she'll have some cute boots with a little pink trim to wear to school all fall and winter. I like 'em.
I then found a fake red felt cowboy hat. It was cheap and I punched little holes in it all the way around.
Then I laced 1/8 inch white ribbon through the holes and replaced the main ribbon around the side band of the hat. (I just looked that up ... I didn't know what to call it. The internet constantly amazes me and teaches me very important things)
Looks like I don't have a final hat picture. I did the hat for about 6 bucks plus shipping, so 10 bucks. Then I was over at Affordable Treasures a couple days later and found a perfect velvet velour Jessie hat. I'd have bought it ($19.99 Plus tax) had I seen it earlier, but ours is very cute and it fits her little head perfectly.
Next item is her chaps. I purchased some Minky Cow fabric in Grand Junction at the most fabulous fabric store. Hi Fashion Fabrics has been there since I can remember and always makes me wish there was something like it in Nor Cal.  Seriously, there are a few more people here, yet this small city in Colorado has a MUCH nicer fabric selection. Go figure.
I backed this incredibly smooth and soft fabric with denim to make the chaps have some more body.
The hardest part was figuring out what shape chaps come in. The drawing of Jessie in the movie just has the chaps start at the top of the leg in a straight line. I thought we didn't need to ruin a pair of blue jeans in the process, and that real chaps might be more costumy for her to wear, so I used a McCall's pattern 2851 that goes around the waist and velcro's closed.
The larger leg of the pants started a little too low on Lexy's leg for my taste, so I had to tuck up the crotch part into her waistband and then they were the right length.
We bought a white button down shirt and took off the front pocket. Then I drew in the yoke line that seemed right for a cowgirl shirt and made up a stiffened yellow satin yoke to cover the shirt yoke.
I did the same with some enlarged cuffs, then embellished them with red soutache braid.
The most fun I had was taking a match to the cut edges of the polyester braid. Just melts and seals itself from fraying right before my eyes.
Here is the finished shirt.
I'll add a picture when she models it for us on Halloween.

Next up ... Little Bo Peep.


  1. My granddaughter is being Jessie, too. But I have a feeling her costume will not be quite so fetching as this one!


  2. Nice work Gramvi! Thanks so much for doing all the costumes! They are going to be too cute! Oh and Lexy is beyond thrilled!