Thursday, October 7, 2010

Important Visits

We had a few reasons, in addition to attending our semi-annual church conference, for our trip to SLC last weekend.
Our wonderful children were being missed at home, so we decided to go see them.  We also used the trip as a catalyst for seeing GG's Hodgman in Brigham City. These two wonderful parents, grandparents, and now great grandparents have been supportive and loving towards family their entire lives and they need a little extra T.L.C. at this time.
Grandpa has Alzheimer's and is needing the extra help that a care center can provide at this point.
Grandma is adjusting to this new element in her life as well as Tim Lincecum did in his 1st post season game against the Braves tonight. She is handling living alone and dealing with the pressures and stress of paying for things all with the help of her giving daughter and her girls.
Her generous son, (My - "the Hubby"), makes sure everyone is comfortable and provided for.
We visited Grandpa in his new digs, and he seemed less stressed than a month ago when we saw him in his comfortable, homey little room. I'm sure this is one reason Grandma is handling it well. That he is settling in a little easier has got to make it less tough on her.
Wow Mom, you should learn how to take a pix.
But aren't the church gardens gorgeous?
After a day up in Northern Utah, we headed back to visit our kids and attend the church meetings.
Jonathan wasn't in town for the weekend, as he had traveled across the west to our neck of the woods for the Bluegrass Festival in Golden Gate Park.  We were sorry to miss him. (Get that phone working, sweets)
Stephanie and Michael met us at our hotel in downtown Salt Lake and we walked to the conference center and to shopping, dinner, and everywhere we needed to be.
It was great to see and hug Michael, he seems to be adjusting like a turtle, and not a snail. He is a positive kid and although he misses his ball, and friends, he is going to do well in college. He has a week off coming up and is going to grace us with his presence once again. (problem is, I'm headed off to the Mexican Riviera on a cruise with my sisters and daughters)
Oh, I forgot, Stephanie got a big tip from her father on Thursday night because she is such an awesome waitress.
Hey kids! SLY. (I'll explain SLY another time.)

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  1. I went on a Mexican Riviera cruise with my five best friends once, and I don't think I've ever had more fun.

    Your trip, with family, will be even better. You will laugh your heads off.

    Have fun!