Monday, October 4, 2010

Conference Favorites

I always enjoy our churches General Conference. Held every 6 months, I usually listen to it while I am in my own home, but this weekend The Hubby and I went to SLC and listened to several sessions in person.
There are pro and cons to being either of these places. My DD, who was with us on Saturday said, "Sometimes it is easier to listen while we are coloring or playing with Lego's (a favorite old past time of the Hodgpeople), because that way I don't ever nod off into sleepy land."
Something to be said to keeping our hands busy while our minds are otherwise occupied with words or wisdom from the prophets.
Yet, there is something special about being in the huge conference center, surrounded by like minded people and listening completely to the inspired messages.
One of my favorites this time, was an address given by Quentin L. Cook, about the Light of Christ.
You can listen to it here, (look in the Saturday afternoon session) but I will give a short synopsis of it and why I liked it.
"It is by the Light of Christ that all mankind may know good from evil."
It informs every man's conscience, and is in all members of the human family.
He gave two examples of how religion is critical to democracy.
1. Honesty
"People who learn from a young age to feel accountable to God for honesty and integrity, that they will abide by rules and practices, that while unenforceable, promote democratic ideals."
"In societies where this is not true, there cannot be enough policemen to enforce honest behavior."
2. Treating all people as equal brothers and sisters.
The example he gave was William Wilburforce, (of Amazing Grace fame),who in England fought for anti-slavery, and other social ills that when finally ended, were able to eventually bless the entire world.
We need to support people of character and integrity to help reestablish moral values that will greatly bless our communities.
I liked this whole concept, much because I know so many good people from all walks of life, that support good values in their lives. Even though they may not live by my religious views, they are respectful of them.

My other fave that I wanted to mention was the amazing gardens in and around the temple and church buildings.  Such expert gardeners the church employs.
Always a highlight.

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  1. You are lucky to have been there. My favorite session of all was Saturday morning's. But every talk was good this time; not a snorer in the whole bunch!