Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mexico with the Girls

I just spent a week on a big boat, going through the ocean of Western Mexico. I guess the term "Mexican Riviera" is the correct one for this beautiful place in the world.
My older (not bigger) sister invited  my younger sister and me nearly a year ago, and I in turn invited my daughters to accompany us in our travels.
The sunsets were phenomenal.
near Puerta Vallarta
And the accommodations were comfortable, with plenty of activities for us to participate in at all times of day and night.
Ready to embark
Our very large ship
Main indoor shopping and dining area
We had lots of fun off the boat too. We went to the gorgeous sandy beaches among the very impressively formed rocks in Cabo via a glass bottomed boat. The millions of sardines that we saw along with a myriad of other types of fish near shore was amazing.
The oldest girls in their respective families.
Impressively formed rocks.
We went down the coast to some older cities that also cater to us American tourists. (Isn't it odd that we call ourselves Americans and yet Mexico is also located on this very same continent? Who do we think we are?)
Anywho, Mazatlan was an old city with a heritage and we sure had some great shrimp at the restaurant that "Hector" took us too.
Then we went on some excursions in the countryside of our last stop in Vallarta.
Kathy pressing out a great corn tortilla 
at our cooking class.
Camille zip lining. 
.... and Kathryn, whoo whoo!
Here comes Stephanie next.

A very fun time in the sun with my 2 bestest sisters and my 2 bestest daughters. What could be better for a whole week of bonding?
Young girls with good opinions about the latest makeup application.
Hat night with my girlies and the lavender ladies. 
Kathy's group of friends from Portland had all sorts of 
events planned throughout the week. It was fun to participate.
Notice Kathryn smiling even though her sunburned back is 
killing her, and she has lost her IPhone. BUMMER!!!

I do love to travel, but I missed the Hubby.
Next time, we'll have the men come along.


  1. Looks like a fun time. Dave is talking about taking all of the kids on a cruise at some point. I'd like to do the Alaskan one, but I'll be the kids would choose Caribbean.


    PS. (I think I will choose...) ;)

  2. THanks for all the good times! I agree, let's bring the hubbies and OLDEST kids along next time. Caribbean, anyone?