Sunday, September 26, 2010

Home Safe and Sound

The Hubby and I had a gorgeous week in Maui. The weather was cooperative as usual, and we just relaxed, took long walks, shopped for pieces of art for our home, and tried, unsuccessfully, a couple of methods for healing my neck.
We stayed in the time share we purchased a couple years ago and had a 5th story view of the ocean front.
The corally sand that comes up to the Marriott in Kaanapali leads fairly steep into the ocean where the small waves hit quite forcefully. If you get about 20 feet out into the water, the waves are nearly non-existent and it is a gentle, relaxing ride as the waves go in and out from shore.
The evening brought a slightly cooler temperature and we had to endure about 72 degrees as the night went on. Each evening brought a little fuller moon,
as it shown down on the sparkles of the water.  We kept the door open just to be lulled to sleep by the sound of the waves.
We explored an old volcano flow, and it is amazing how rugged the terrain can get.
Thanks for such a nice trip Hun.


  1. My crazed life has given me no time for blogging. Forger about keeping caught up on everyone else's. Beautiful Havai'i! :) glad y'all enjoyed it sans kids. Am I really just at the beginning of all that?? Wow...

  2. Idyllic.


  3. It was a great time. Strange without kids but they were always worked into our conversations.
    SLY, Attila