Thursday, September 9, 2010

Last T-shirt Quilt?

In dropping off MM at college a couple weeks ago, I wondered if I had done a post about his dorm bed quilt.
.... can't see it so...
I made MM a t-shirt quilt, patterned after the ones that I had made for his 2 sisters. He can use it on his twin beds the next few years, and then afterwards I suppose it can be used for a lawn/picnic quilt or whatever he wants.
I take t-shirts that he has worn over the years and it makes up into a sort of memory quilt.
I first cut a rough 12 square of fabric from each t-shirt and then iron on fusible web for stability. That way the stretch associated with cotton knit is kept in check.
I like the look of setting the squares "on point" because there then is a "top" and "bottom" to the quilt. The writing on the t-shirt squares then is easy to read without standing on your head.
On point means that you place the 12" quilt square in a diamond type position so that the whole quilt is diagonal instead of perpendicular/parallel.
I also have to make 1/2 squares to go all around the edges of the quilt.

I picked out some fairly masculine cotton fabrics to sew between all the squares. They are 2 inch strips and squares and I sewed them in lines as I figured out where each square should be on the quilt.
Then I made a border all the way around the quilt as well as a slightly larger cotton back.
I gave this to MM when he graduated in June. I sent it to my long arm quilting lady "Finally Finished" in Saratoga for her to finish.
And here he is sitting on his new dorm bed that hopefully reminds him of a great childhood and a mother who loves him.
Sleep tight!!


  1. I just love that quilt. And I'll bet he does, too.


  2. I've been wanting to do that! I have sentimental t-shirts that I'll never wear again, but would like to keep. I guess step one is cut the squares!