Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hummingbirds or Venice?

The Hubby and I have been in Maui this week all by our lonesomes. It is our empty nester celebration trip. Fun, Fun!!!
We never dreamed it could be so inexpensive. Traveling all these past 30 years with children in tow most of the time has never been so cheap.
Well, it ALMOST happened that way.
Then we started looking into the many art galleries in Lahaina. There are a ton of these gems, and we found something that seemed worthy of our greenbacks in at least 50% of the places we ambled into.
The Hubby was originally looking for a great, fairly sizable piece for the empty wall in our bedroom.  I have repeated several times that a wall quilt is in the works in my head, and on my list of projects to tackle, but he knows me pretty well and realizes that the wait may be longer than my list of things to make for the grandchildren, or other people. (ask me what I'm making my mother sometime)
I wanted to get a piece that would finish off our living room that was redecorated, mostly, two years ago.
So we got both. And then some.
Here is one we did not get for the LR. It is an awesome old style oil painting of Venice under a full moon.
Very cool, huh? But we've never been to Venice, and so we decided against it.
Besides, we also found this.
These are the perfect colors for our room. I like hummingbirds, and make everyone around me look when I spot one. The medium of silver and gold leaf on wood, with enhanced painting is really elegant as well as just cool, and it is the right size for above our sofa.

Three years ago when the Hubby and I were down in Laguna Beach at a conference, I spotted a square piece of art in a window along PCH. The next day when I went back to look for it, I couldn't find it anywhere. I am convinced it was done by this same artist, Gabriel Burchman, and it was one of a group of similar works.

So basically I found him again, and wasn't even looking.
I'll post a pic when we get things all hung up in their rightful places.

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  1. I love the colors and feel of this painting. What a great find!