Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Opinion

A while ago I was trying to explain to my DIL that sometimes I just ramble on and on and I'm just talking.
That much of the time I shouldn't be taken very seriously.
Everybody likes to talk. We learn it in our wee years as everyone around us is copied.
It's amazing how quickly little ones pick it all up.
In this modern world of ours we sometimes don't even have to open our mouths, but I usually prefer to keep my mouth open, not using my ears nearly enough.
I guess some people don't do that. Some people actually think about what they are saying and they don't say things off the top of their heads. I am not those people.
I in contrast, tend to have too much to say and not enough substance in which to say it.

So as I was trying to explain this, I said to her, "My opinion is just that, an opinion." Halfway through this sentence, everyone in the room started talking and laughing so they didn't hear the end statement.  They just heard. "My opinion is just fact."

So now as we are congregating as a family several times I've heard, "Better listen to GramVi, she always has the facts."
What a fun famiy!

1 comment:

  1. even know you cannot relinquish the FACT that you said: my opinion is fact. :)