Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Room

As promised previously, here is the rundown of the before/after pictures of MMs room.
First, I'll show you how Stepher left her room as she left her dear parents house on the same day as said brother.
Maybe the pillows on the bed could have been a little straightened, and granted she wasn't moving out because she did that several years ago. But, she left it neatly for her parentals to see as they walk down the hall.
And here's the disaster.
oh, ... there's more.
The dresser.
The closet.
This is after he took everything he thought he could possibly use in the next 8-9 months.

Do you think we have purchased a bit more than he ever needed in the first place.  I don't feel like I indulge him as much as some of my others, cause he doesn't really ask for a lot.
I haven't put my thumb on the problem completely.  Could there possibly be some laziness involved in the equation????

So after I've cleaned up most of the area. Here is what it looks like. (Did I mention that I didn't find any mouse droppings? I wondered when I pulled out his dresser to clean behind the thing, but none popped out and scared me.)
Most of the posters are down. I sent some to him for his dorm room walls. He thinks they are more bare than he had previously imagined they would be.
I've still got to hang a couple of his plaques, but the dresser looks SOOOO much better.
These are some shoes that he didn't take, but still wants to keep.
...and some more shoes.  Are we noticing a pattern? Perhaps a shoe obsession?
Wonder who and when that was started?

I walked over and placed these little Air Jordan 5's on his headboard and just burst into tears.

Now I cry.

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  1. Nice clean-up! I laughed at the shoe obsession. My guys both have that, too, and Todd's closet is still full of footwear. Seriously, I could open a store. The guy is 28 years old, mind you, but he can't quite part with his collection of basketball and other sports shoes!

    And of course you cried. How could you not? It was when I cleaned out Todd's room the day he left that I decided to get a temporary job so I wouldn't be depressed by my empty nest. (Oddly, that "temporary" job lasted seven years. But that's a whole other story...)

    Pretty crazy.