Monday, November 1, 2010

Actual Kids in My Costumes

As promised, I thought I'd make a quick post about the cute grand babies in their costumes.
These are the three costumes (pix above) I made for the holiday.
Our baby peapod (the costume, not the baby) was found last year on our hike/walk.
Cossette was obviously comfy in it and was her usual easy 3 month old self.
The lamb, Luke, who was Bo Peep's accessory, was also a happy camper. He liked picking out some candy at the 2 or 3 homes he tricked. Didn't care at all that he wasn't eating any of it.
We improvised a new hat for the Ellery the Celery in the last days before Halloween , this little headband took care of the headdress just fine.
The original contraption was a little much for a 21 month old child.
A picture of the farmers and the vegies that they grow.

Onto the Toy Story group.
Our little cowgirl "Jessie" is made even cuter by Lexy.
Lena makes the most darling Bo Peep.
And with the handsome parentals.
Finally, last but not least.
The Hubby, dressed up as his son.
Very attractive, wouldn't you say?


  1. heehee. Yep, he's a real peach! ;)

    The costumes you made are little works of art. Those are some lucky grandkids you have...


  2. You AMAZE me with what you can do with some fabric and a sewing machine!! I can only dream of being so talented... The kids all look fantastic and I love John's get-up, too.

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that John was Michael for Halloween!!!!

  4. Glad to see the celery hat, even if she wouldn't officially wear it! what a bunch of cuties you are. we had a little pirate and ladybug at our house, they helped us hand out the candy to a zillion kids on Sunday night.

  5. Oh my heavens, the first attempt at Ellery's hat KILLS me!!! I do hope she wears it sometime when she's older, it's just that awesome.

    Way to go whipping out all these costumes in time for the big day... are these people paying you??! :)