Thursday, November 4, 2010

Still Ute Fans?

Still crazy after all these years, is about what we are thinking right now.
The Hubby and I are being forced into really enjoying Utah sports.
First Stephanie walked on to the U's women's volleyball team 5 years ago and we wholeheartedly supported her efforts.
Now, Michael walks on to the men's basketball team, and is so excited we are totally behind him too.
When he first made the team a couple weeks ago, he called us and told us the whole story.
He had not even mentioned to us that he was going to try out for the team, or divulged that he even knew when tryouts were happening. We thought he was merrily studying along and playing a lot of ping-pong.
Realizing that he was missing the game, I was feeling a little low for him, but praying he would soon have more things in his everyday life to fill the void that was left from practicing and thinking continuously about the game and improvements he could be working on.
Well, he apparently wanted none of that, so set himself to work against about a dozen other hopeful young men.  After the first look from the coaches, Michael and a couple other boys were asked to come back for another tryout, which M felt like he didn't do as well as the first tryout.
But I guess it was good enough.  He will be sitting bench side, and being a supporter most of the time, and probably won't travel with them when they go out of town.  (Stephanie was told that too, and traveled to every away game, after the first month on the vball team)
Time will tell.
Go Michael!!!!


  1. Pretty neat! He should be very proud of himself, and I hope he has a great time. What's more, I hope he plays so well that they have him travel with the team!!


  2. Well, we're with you on supporting U sports! I guess right now it will just have to be bball! We're so proud of Michael.