Friday, November 12, 2010

Bishops Collar For 2 Y/O

Last spring I knitted a little lavender sweater and hat for LK.  She looked so cute in it that I thought I'd quickly make her a little dress to wear with it.  Well, ...... it is about 8 months later and I finished the dress. It has just a small amount of lavender and purple to be brought out by the purple sweater and I learned how to make a different type of hand-stitched flower to adorn the neckline.  They are made by using the same type of loop that I make when "casting on" a needle for a knitting project.
Fun, Fun!
This type of neckline is called "Bishop" and is gathered around the back, to the sleeve head, front, other sleeve, then last half of back. I smocked this in various stitches then made 4 colors of flowers in the center of the neckline.  The final touch is tiny little buttons for the center of the flowers and elsewhere.
I put larger buttons all the way down the back to match the smaller ones.


  1. Is it bad to covet another's talents?

    Never mind...Don't answer that one.


  2. It is one of your best results! (Just to be clear it is a non-LDS Bishop's collar, correct? :) )