Monday, July 11, 2011

#4 is a Busy Girl

Our Stephanie is gearing up for quite a busy fall semester.  Here she is showing off her New Teacher Handbook received for her new job internship that will last all of next school year.
Steph is to be teaching 2 sophomore American Literature classes and 2 junior British Literature classes. The assistant principal of American Fork High School let her choose her class room a couple weeks ago and she chose the one with greater light coming into the windows.
In addition to teaching and getting her student teaching done while getting partially paid for it, our organized girl also is going to be the head volleyball coach at the HS.  She hired the 2 other coaches and is working out 3 days a week with the team.  The team is also doing a week long camp and getting prepared for the fall season and tryouts in August.
As she takes masters classes during the summer, and has another night class for her masters in the fall, she is trying to get her HS teaching lesson plans underway, so she can take some of the load off of the 4 crazy months coming up starting September.
Go Stephanie!!!! You can do it!!!


  1. Wow! How time flies! Congrats to Stephanie! I'm sure she'll be an awesome teacher & coach!

  2. Wow. What an impressive girl she is!


  3. I was actually informed today that I'll be teaching two senior classes (world lit) and two junior classes (British lit) !!! That would definitely be my preference with the choice of sophomores or seniors! Crazy!

  4. Steph - you are amazing!! We'll be watching this winter while you juggle....and juggle....