Sunday, July 3, 2011

Megan's Wedding Deux

We have little mini reunions whenever a cousin gets married and this time was no exception.  Out of the 19 grandchildren, we are down to the last few singles and so we are going to have to come up with other means of getting together. Many were able to come for the wedding including 9 big boy cousins. A couple of second generationers were shooting around at the beginning and were enjoying the scene.
This particular day following the wedding luncheon which was held at Kathy's church building, the big boys all played some hoops while they were killing time before the reception.

You will never see as intense a game of cousins basketball than exists in my extended's. That is a FACT.

Some of the rest of us shopped and played in other venues for the afternoon, but these boys had the most fun.
Thanks Megan, for providing a little cousin bonding time.


  1. We have some seriously dangerous family basketball games.



  2. That was such a great time Aunt Vicki! Luckily no punches were thrown (maybe it's because Scott wasn't there to play against Sam).