Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Met

When we were in NYC a couple of weeks ago I made the Hodgpeople gang go to the Metropolitan Museum to see the Alexander McQueen show that is there until next month.
Austin and the little people went to other areas of the humongous museum and looked at armor or something because there weren't any strollers allowed in the overly crowded McQueen display.
So Aust sacrificed and stayed with the kiddies.
......And got to see cool things like Medusa's head in the hand of Perseus?

Anyway back to Lee Alexander McQueen.
This English clothing designer who first designed for his sisters and then the theatre, was best known for his controversial catwalk shows, low riding jeans, skulls, fantasy, and dramatic influence on the fashion world.
He was the head designer for Givenchy design house int he 90's and left for his own company in 2001.

Looking at this Met show entitled Savage Beauty, it becomes apparent to the viewer that, "He was a troubled soul," as Katz would say as she roamed through the display with The Hubby and me.
 This piece is from his 2006 "Widows of Culloden," show. I actually kind of like this one, maybe because of it's name and my affinity for Diane Gabaldon's books about Scottish history, or because I just like tartan. Such an eclectic mix of fabric.

And his shoes were out of this world.
 What would you say if you walked past someone with these on the end of her legs?
This particular dress caught my fancy, because there was a McQueen quote next to the dress that stated he used live flowers because they die, and he wanted to show that everything dies. Weird.
Most of the mannequins showing the clothing were faceless, or their heads were covered in odd hats. My cousin tells me he influenced her hats and costumes for the dance shows she has done.

He lived 40 years, then ended his own life last year. His brand will live on as celebrities and princesses wear it today.

Crazy world we live in.


  1. dude was bonkers. a genius but twisty & a total creep. that's my very professional critique of the exhibit. you didn't mention that it was so freaky & dark that my kids weren't allowed (& my hubs was thrilled about taking that on). :) tx!

  2. NIce peek into an oddly decorated mind.

    Pretty freaky.


  3. He was an oddity, no doubt. I cannot believe I've known you all this time and didn't know you were a fellow Diana Gabaldon fan! Best historical series ever.