Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Aptos Gold

I have not disappeared off of the planet, but I've been doing a few non blogging things. I'm trying to figure out if we should/can redo our backyard along with refinishing our 36 year old plaster in the pool, and digging new drains for the patio so that we don't get flooded in the winter.
We have these wonderful huge ash trees in the yard. They provide cool ample shade in the spring, summer, and fall so we put up with the leaf, pod mess in the winter.

My closest guess is that they are Green Ash trees and should live 50 more years in the urban setting that is our back yard, so we sort of want to plan around them.
We do really need to fix a few things that are falling apart, so as long as we have a tractor back there, we have to figure out what else we can/should do.
I have never liked the bricks as pool decking because it can be so gritty and dirty when lying wet on the red bricks. They are super hot to the feet in midsummer, the grout in some areas is sandy, and the brick wall around one of the Ash trees is cracked. So should we replace all the brick for stone? or stucco?
The main patio off of the house is aggregated concrete circa 1975, is uneven and lifted up because of the root system on the Ash tree, so ... should we just repair and have it look patched? or actually replace it all. We have to dig up a good portion of it to replace the drainage pipes anyway.
These are some of the questions we've been trying to find answers to. How much $$$$.
Should we just re-plaster the pool, or use the newer Pebbletec? If we are changing the decking can we reroute the solar pipes through it? How 'bout the irrigation pipes?
Do you like this rock?
It is called Aptos Gold. It's from Arizona.
 Or this?
 More for the walls and fireplace.  Or this?
Should the wall rock and the decking be different?
Should we use concrete?
How about coping around the pool?
Replace the pool tiles?
Put in more lighting?
What about a new sound system?
Maybe consider natural gas line to the new outdoor kitchen?
I always like fireplaces outside?
Natural gas to that?
Built in heat lamps for cool California nights?
We could spend as much as we bought the house for. Maybe we should try to spend something like we bought our last house for. Maybe we should spend something like we bought our 1st Portland house for in 1981. Oh, but then we couldn't re-plaster the pool.
Decisions, decisions.
I'm going to go make some cookies.


  1. Wow...that's a lot of decisions to make. If I were you, I'd go EAT some cookies, not make them. My only comment on the whole thing, tho, is definitely different rock for the patio than the wall. Too much of one thing, even if it's a great thing is just that..too much. Maybe stamped/stained concrete for the patio. There are some really good looking stamps/stains where you can hardly tell that it's not rock...but you have to find someone really good to do it. OK, my $0.02 worth...and now I'm going to go find a cookie to eat. :)

  2. A comment on pebbletec- my parents re did their old pool in pebbletec and while it looked really beautiful, it ripped our feet up. I always had sores on my feet from swimming in that pool- it wasn't comfortable to sit on or kneel on especially with little ones in the water. My vote is against the pebbletec.

    Also, I like the aztec rock the best..

    I say do a firepit! For smores! And other delicious things! But in the mean time, please pass the cookies.

  3. That's really a lot of questions and budget decisions. The cookies were the best idea. Brain food for decision making!

  4. We will be making the same decisions soon, and I find it very difficult. I hope you keep us posted about yours and how they turn out. Maybe I can use you as a model when it's our turn!


  5. I agree about the stamped concrete - it's beautiful and easy care (just make sure you don't slip on it like Connie did!!).

    And the cookies.... (Don & I are attempting the P90x diet, this week, anyway)