Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bitter/Sweet Day

The Hubby and I took Michael to the airport this morning early. He is off on the biggest adventure of his life. It is really an amazing opportunity in this 21st century to be able to serve others and take time out of his life to grow up, educate himself, learn love, learn the Gospel, and decide what manner of man he wants to be.

As I watched him ascend the escalator in San Jose International Airport on his way to the MTC (mission training center) in Provo, Utah I did get tears streaming down my face. Michael waved a hardy goodbye and gave an easy big smile and then he was gone from my view for the next two years.
I tear up again as I write this down, but I am truly excited for him as he embarks on this mission to Sao Paulo, Brazil. The blessings he will receive over the next difficult two years will be unmeasurable, and we that are left behind will also be covered in blessings as we will witness his growth and read about his trials, challenges and faith promoting experiences.
I can hardly believe it is here, and now I am again alone in my home thinking about my sweet little boy and the happiness he has brought to me and his entire family over the years.
He is smart,
he is beautiful,
he is funny,
he is a lot of fun,
he is strong,
he is competitive,
he is athletic,
he is good,
he is a virtuous man,
he is protective of me,
he is right,
he is stalwart,
he is wonderful
he is Michael
and I will miss him terribly.


  1. Congrats to all of you!! I know you know it will be a wonderful journey for all of you...even if it's hard...for all of you. So awesome! xo

  2. awww he really is protective of you. good man you raised. i like this post.

  3. I always missed my boys like crazy. Like CRAZY.

    But it's the best thing they ever did.


    PS. Not that I have to tell you... ;)