Monday, October 3, 2011

Covered Bridges

These were unique but traditional bridges. The Hubby and I really loved them and looked for them all over the Mountain region of New Hampshire.
 There were two bridges along the Kancamungus Highway and so we got a good look on our first day of exploration.
Most of the bridges are built with arches and a long truss system. Like the one shown below.
 This one was built in 1858. It is 100 years older than I am. Pretty crazy.
 Some are painted, some are rustically wooden.
 Here's a newer one that is used along a very busy highway. We found it on our way to church.
Blair Bridge here is not being used because of the floods last month.
Hurricane Irene went through and dumped all of its rain right onto Vermont and New Hampshire causing all kinds of flooding and 28 bridges were either destroyed or damaged greatly.
One called Turkey Jim's that we looked for was totally gone.
 This bridge is along the Flume trail in Franconia State Park.
... and this one is a footbridge along the Flume trail. I have no idea how they built this bridge across a deep canyon in the middle with no roads going in and out of there. Engineers are amazing.
Sometimes I feel like they are stupid as well. Just look at how they planned the power lines around this old historic bridge. It would look so much better without them.

Anyway, the covered bridges are very cool and we were lucky to be able to go see them.


  1. how nice to actually see dad in some pictures!!! haha the bridges are pretty uniquely new england. how cool!

  2. I love covered bridges. They are so charming.


  3. One hundred years older than you?! How could that possibly be?! That would make them older than dirt....LOL... just kidding. I definitely have no room to talk!! Looks like you had a very fun trip.