Sunday, October 2, 2011

Waterfalls Down the Granite Slabs

One of the most beautiful attractions of the White Mountains of New Hampshire are the many waterfalls.
We hiked a short distance to several falls and a bit longer distance to just two. There were many more to see, but these were the ones that we afforded the time to see.
 Sabbaday Falls just off of the Kancamungus Hywy. was our first stop.  Here the granite rock has held up pretty well over the 10 million years of its creation. The basalt rock fault that was interspersed through the granite has broken down and has created a separation that is beautiful. Nice little swooshy pools are formed at each decent, creating a clean beautiful affect.
Another day we traveled up to Franconia Notch (or Pass as we in the West call it) where there are several spots to view. 
 This one is called the Flume and it too is a granite rock/ basalt rock formation too. Almost making a tunnel in the forest, the water decends quickly down the 800 foot long narrow fissure in the granite.
 The granite walls go straight up on both sides of the creek that is cutting away slowly as the years pass.
 This top of the flume waterfall is called Avalanche.
 The Hubby artfully takes a picture of the water flowing nonstop over the rock.
We also got some new found friends to take a couple pictures for us.

Another discovery just up the road and in a mile from the "Flume" is the "Basin".
 Here the granite rock is smooth and wide across the forest with streams trickling down, or falling fast depending on the direction you happen to be turning your eyes.
I was trying to get the perspective of how large the boulders are, but pictures don't quite capture the massiveness. This solid bedrock granite is at least 40 feet wide to as much as 80 feet I'd guess, and I'm going to estimate that it goes at least 1/2 mile. That is just the area that we could ascend while wearing our regular shoes and being in our mid 50's. I'm sure a larger section could be reached by the younger set.

 Everywhere you looked was another picture to be taken. I didn't want to miss anything, but missed it all the same.

It really was pretty cool.

Yet another hike was taken in Crawford Notch.
 This was probably our most difficult hike, as the roots of trees, and large rocks had to be navigated around as we made our way up to the falls.  It wasn't even 2 miles in, but it took nearly an hour. The result was a 200 foot fall that veiled over the whole rock.
 What a cute hubby!
Again, pictures don't do it justice. It was very pretty nevertheless.


  1. they pictures are incredible! i can't wait for dad to take me under his wing. i'm trying!!

  2. Your trip is making me jealous. Not that I would survive the sun exposure (or hiking, for that matter), but I WISH I could!!

    So beautiful there.