Thursday, October 6, 2011

Cossette Family Home

After a lovely week of travel and exploration with The Hubby, we headed back to Boston for the plane ride home. 
On the way we detoured through Dracut and Lowell, Massachusetts, in order to locate the home that John's mother grew up in. She lived her whole childhood in the home along with her 10 brothers and sisters, and John wanted to see if it was still holding up. 
The neighborhood looks great and we were able to talk to a few people that lived in and around the old family house on   40 Dean Street
                            Dracut, MA

Here's a shot of the back yard and the trees beyond. When we called Mom to tell here we'd seen the old place she asked if the creek was still running behind it. No picture, but I walked back there and thought it would've been the place for kids to play and record their memories. Her parents planted the old trees and some of them are dead, a long tree life spent.  I'm sure there was no chain link fence when the Cossette's lived there.
We saw a cute little old lady walking along the street and stopped to talk to her. She was 2 years younger than our Grandma Hodgman, but had grown up a few houses away and remembered the family well. She had a french last name as well said her sister Pauline was one of Muriel's friends and she herself was Paul Cossette's age. Both of their older sisters had been nuns. She talked on and on about the 2 families and their similarities.

She told us where the old grade school was so we went to check it out. What a beautiful school. (Ecole St. Lois)
The old church has been renamed and we'd have never found it without Mom's old friend.

This stop was a highlight for The Hubby and we were very glad to have taken the time to stop in Dracut.


  1. what a highlight!! those building all look incredible. i seriously cannot wait to show our little cossette kelly all of the background of the cossette & the kelly families. :)

  2. How cool to see the home she lived in and talk to a neighbor who knew the family so well. I love poking around in the past like that. Such lovely nostalgia!