Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Aprons for the Little Girls

I like aprons.
I don't wear aprons often enough and I figured last year that if I started making them for people, perhaps I'd remember to wear one when I am making a mess. Maybe it has increased my wearing percentage by 3%, maybe not.
The little helper cooks in my life need some aprons to go with their little play kitchens, so for Christmas I made up a few personalized ones for the special little girls in my life.
Starting with the youngest.
 This one is a half apron, which may not be the smartest kind to make for a year and a half old child since there is no waist on a baby, but it was so cute at this point that I didn't want to add a bib. I will if requested by her mom.
The underside of this apron is from red ticking fabric I made an outfit out of in the 9th grade. Pretty awesome right?
 This little ruffled bottom job I made for Ellery. Again some of that old fabric ties it all together and makes it look a little vintage 20's although I bought the fabric in the early 70's.
 The machine embroidered name is what makes up the bib. Love the dittoed polkadots on the dish rag.
 Lena gets a different color wave in the nearly same design. Love the "Bliss" fabric by Camille RosKelly.
The little ribbon tabs on the side of the apron can act as a sort of pocket for keeping things.
 This last apron has Lexy's initials instead of her whole name on one pocket, and a cute little cupcake embroidered on the other pocket.
 Maybe a little too curly to be legible, but cute anyway.
... and the pockets hold everything imaginable.
"I want one," was heard from Aunt Stephanie.
I guess she is next.


  1. me too! I want one too! (But of course I'd have to have a little girlie girl to put it on...) They are adorable!

  2. Those aprons are the best!


  3. gramvi MADE cmas this year! yayyyyy! seriously they are perfection!!!