Thursday, December 29, 2011

Smocked Skirt

I wanted to make something a bit more grown up for Lexy this Christmas, yet still have it go along with a dress that I had made a couple years ago which Lena was going to wear this year. So... I decided to still use the same type of smocking and have it go along the waist line of a dupioni silk skirt instead of a little girls style dress.
I took it to Hawaii in November and worked on the smocking while we were on vacation.
 The smocking matches the older dress beautifully.
Because it is for a little larger child and I thought ruffles in a bustle down the back would be cute, I just had the smocking go 3/4 way around the skirt and then I added the ruffles with elastic at the back waist.
 Here is the cute girl now in the skirt with a ruffly black sweater and silky shell underneath. I made a little yo-yo pin out of the silver dupioni to put on the sweater.

And little sister is precious in the cranberry silk dress that the skirt goes well with. I added a couple of grow strips on the dress, because her legs are a little shorter than her older sisters and the dress was too long.
Cute girls all wrapped up in Christmas attire.


  1. You are so talented! What beautiful dresses on such adorable little girls! I hope you guys had a terrific Christmas!

  2. Oh they are gorgeous...the girls and the outfits. Lexy is so grown up now. what a doll!

  3. What a beautiful skirt, and I love the red dress, too.
    Your skills as a seamstress never fail to amaze me.