Thursday, December 29, 2011

Expected Breakage

 I have quite a few ornaments and decorations about the house that are delicate, and this time of year, especially, we are bound to have some accidents involving these crashing to the floor and such.
But really, I am not the one that is supposed to do the breaking.
I get the prize for the most expensive accident this year.
There was a worker who was pounding on the outside stucco of my house who also broke another Radko ornament by just coming within 5 feet of its presence. He "pounded" it right off the backers rack that it was perched on.
But I destroyed this beautiful finial.


  1. I can be pretty clumsy at times. Yesterday, I bought a gorgeous Santa Claus for my daughter Karen and broke it on the way into the house by banging it on the door jam. Kind of annoying.

    Sorry it happened to you, too.


  2. i thought you were tattling on luke. hahaha sorry mama

  3. Oh, Big Bummer! When I saw the first picture I thought it looked like a Radko and then you confirmed my suspicion - my heart sunk! I haven't broken anything (yet) this year so I will keep fingers crossed as my Radko ornaments are still coming down. Can you keep your workmen on your side of town? :-)
    Happy New Year to you both!