Monday, December 26, 2011

Best Santa EVER

We were able to share Christmas Eve with our 3 Hodgman Grandchildren this year and we got a real visit from Santa Claus as he was preparing to go out for the night.
Lexy says he visits just 10 good children personally on Christmas Eve and she was very happy to be one of those chosen few.
We were just settling down for our Shepherds dinner when we heard sleigh bells outside and we turned around to see St. Nicholas at our very door.
After freak out tears from the 6 year old Lexy and a very scared Lena, the children actually settled in quite nicely with our very friendly and slightly soft spoken Santa. I think he toned down his high volume and energy for these apprehensive kids and they responded appropriately.
This is apparently the first time all three of these siblings have sat on his lap.
We told him about our dinner and why we were sitting on the ground just like the shepherds would have been on that Christmas so long ago. Santa told us the story behind why he gives out candy canes to good girls and boys, and the shepherds crook theme fit right into our evening.

After a nice visit with Mr. Claus, we sat back down to eat our olives, lamb chops, cheeses, and crackers, but another knock on the door came. Santa had forgotten his sleigh bells and so the reindeer weren't coming to pick him up. We found the sweet sounding, tinkling bells and he was again on his way.

After settling back down to dinner, ANOTHER knock came at the door. Again it was Santa and he asked for GramVi saying he needed to talk to me outside for a minute. (At this point in the post, please have the children cease from reading.)
I stepped out and he informed me that his cell phone was locked in his car and he needed me to call his wife for a set of keys. What terrible luck, I thought. The busiest night of the year and he is stuck at the Hodgpeoples house waiting for his keys.

We totally appreciated the visit we got from Santa and regret that he had to stand outside like a neighborhood prowler for the minutes it took for the wife (actually the daughter came) to get here with his keys.
Thanks Santa. (CH) You are a good guy!


  1. That was so fun and I am SOOOOO glad they all finally sat on his lap and that they recovered from the initial shock!!! Christmas was a blast this year... thanks for sharing it with us!

  2. Oh my oh my. You guys must be very special to get such a visit!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  3. What a great Santa! I know he was very busy visiting so it's nice he took some time with your three little one's on his "nice" list!
    Happy New Year!