Sunday, January 1, 2012

Backyard Update

Thought I'd post a few pictures of our lovely back yard as the holiday's have past us by.
 The general theme of all these pictures of course is, "Find out how many different trenches and types of pipe can be buried in a 1000ish square foot area in our back yard."
Drainage comes in many sizes and flavors.There is surface drainage, subsurface drainage, 
irrigation, and the like.
Here he is just destroying the top corner of the shallow end of the pool.

 Then they put boards in its place.
Many many pipes around the pool and hot tub are being uncovered and investigated as to what their purposes are.
 I'm gonna copy a picture and label all these pipes and trenches in case we ever have a problem with any electricity, sewer, storm drains, or gas leaks.
 Gotta have drain pipes behind all the walls and under all the doors??????
 Does the cable line have to be in a separate pipe from the phone line?  How about the electricity?  Low voltage or 110V?
 Ummm, interesting looking rebar around the outside of the new pool basin is being constructed here.
Many irrigation pipes going in and out of this one. There will also be one in the little indentation immediately next to the house to catch any excess moisture from the vents and flower pots.
Is this a little crazy, over excessive?
Rebar is forming the structures for stone walls and pool wall/lower pool basin.
 Now this looks like its taking shape with the gunite addition to the pool. Lets check out the basin on the other side of this fresh new wall.
There will be a separate filter and water return for this little basin next to the new patio, so there shouldn't be any accidents with water from the main pool overflowing or anything terrible like that. The 3 little indentations with pipes flowing in will be small waterfalls coming into the basin. 
Cool, huh?
Just one issue.  We got just a couple days of work done during the past 2 weeks because when the inspector came to check out the pool addition construction, he noticed the extensive wall work and thought we needed more permits. The City employees were on vacation, so let's wait. Just because it's December and the weather is feeling like October does not mean we should rush to beat the rains of winter....... or does it?
Not fun.


  1. Wow...maybe u can build an underground organ with all those pipes...what lovely earthy music u could make! Heehee. Happy new year!!

  2. Oh, dear. We need to do this, but that picture makes me want to turn and run the other way.

    Other than needing more permits, are you happy with the contractors so far?