Friday, January 13, 2012

Visit from Jonathan

We weren't able to have our oldest son home for the holidays because he couldn't take time off from the Great Harvest Bakery where he was working in Salt Lake City. Stephanie was able to see Jonathan coming and going to the airport for her trip home. He drove her to and from and then got the privilege of using her car while she was here.
He got up to Mantua and spend some time with GG Hodgman on Christmas day, and actually saw his little bro. all Elder'd out on Christmas Eve., but he missed his other immediates I would like to suppose.
Steph sent this surprising picture from her iPhone 

Remember how he looked the last time he was home?

So after the new year started and things slowed down to normal, he came to LG for the week. He also brought his friend Lindsay and they came to the city (SF) to play with me on Tuesday. (I had already made plans to go with John up to SF and spend a few days while he was at a medical investors conference.
 Here we are up at Twin Peaks after exploring the fascinating and somewhat odd MOMA.
 Momma and Jonathan.
 Jonathan and Papa. (what handsome guys!!)
On Thursday we went to Castle Rock and had a nice hike. (As if I needed more hills after walking around San Francisco for 3 days. Crazy.)
It was a really beautiful week weather wise. We are experiencing near high temperatures for the date in the afternoons and near low temps in the morning hours. Real unusual for this time of year when it is usually raining like mad.

Thanks for coming to spend a bit of time with your parentals.


  1. Boy, he cleans up good. (Not that he wasn't cute with the dreads, too.)

    Glad you got to spend some time with him!


    PS. Todd came home from med school with long hair and a full face beard. I confess I wasn't sorry when he cut his locks and shaved his bristles before he left our house. That beard was getting out of hand!!

    1. Oh, a new reply button. Where did that come from and does the reply go directly to the original commenter? Is that a word.

      They do love those bristles and I think the attention that looking different affords them.
      Jonathan says everyone ignores him now.

  2. wanted to see *almost* all his immediates. hahaha love that kid.

    1. Do you get this on your in basket? Or do you have to look here again to see my typing answers??

  3. Wow. Talk about a change! He's a handsome kid either way!