Friday, January 13, 2012

1970's Jumper

I purchased some nice tweedy brown wool last winter in NYC and thought I'd make something for Stephanie from it. We went through many old patterns and picked Simplicity 8904 which cost me 85 cents when I purchased it for a drum majorette costume in the 8th grade.
Yep, that's it all right. Now I have to go find a picture of me drum majoretting.

 Yep, that's me all right.  Do you like the retro look just scanned and all faded?
 Or should I clean it up with an automatic color balance button?

This was the first year of a new West Junior High School and I was in the 8th grade. Gail Packard, a 9th grader further away from the camera, is the other shorter majorette leading the band. I wrote on the back of the picture, "The twirlers in back of us are MaryLou Dawson, Ranya West, and Brenda Gordon.
In front of us are the banner girls (not pictured) Sarah (Dufford), Susan (Martin), Pam Motts, Gina Hall, & Denise Pond."
Susan and Sarah were a couple of my best girlfriends.
 Here I am on our back lawn at 717 Pacific Drive. The back of this one says, "This is me in 8th grade - 13 yrs. old, and majorette. First year at West Gold and Black 1972."
Here, my mom got a picture of me (this one is a touched up Polaroid) in front of the band who didn't have new uniforms yet with the new school colors.
The outfit I still have is a black velveteen jumper with a double knit gold turtleneck shirt under. I made it all and the buttons were covered with the gold fabric. I used Jan Christensen's old majorette boots and they were too big and I was mad that my parents wouldn't buy some for me.

Man ..... look at those stick thin legs.

Here's my little sister Camille with her french horn in the band. Isn't she cute?


But, I wasn't talking about me to begin this, was I?

The jumper for Stephanie. Yes.
 She wanted pockets on it and I wanted it lined so that it would fit her without any bunching.
All finished. She sent me a picture of it from her iPhone.
Looks good sweets! What a grown up you are in your very own classroom.


  1. The jumper is cute. But the pics of you are da bomb! You were a hottie. Well, you still are, but you know what I mean!! ;)

  2. What fun to see these old pics.

    Quite the heartbreaker!


    PS. Like the jumper, too.

  3. What fun memories! It just goes to show that everything comes back into style. It's great that you saved the pattern!

    1. Basically, I am just too cheap to go buy another pattern.

  4. i TOTALLY remember that darling outfit. you were so cute! (and i think i wore the same band uniforms that camille had on - crazy).

  5. awesome. just awesome. i love all the throwbacks. the story about the marjorette boots made me laugh. austin was like "wow, sometimes i really see what people mean when they say you look like your mom". alas i will never have 6 foot stems. :) oh & i loooove that dress for steph! she looks great!