Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Yesterday was David's first day at a new amazing job, it was also Kathryn's birthday but I'll talk about that when she receives her late present from me. (cause it's all about me?)
So, sorry but this post is for David. Our 2nd born baby boy, who is now almost 30 years old.
David and his wife Kara
Yess-er-ee! David got a job working for Google in the "Maps" area which is right up his alley.
He has been looking for about a year and a half for a job and meanwhile found a second job at Games Workshop, a little retail shop up at Stoneridge Mall clear up in Pleasanton. His original job at Mens Wearhouse has been ongoing part and full time for 11 years. He started working for them while he was in High School, and then after his mission he went back to MW Tux store and kept going to school while he worked and started a family.
David and his baby L
He now has been married for nearly 8 years, has 3 cute kids, graduated from San Jose State, and received his masters degree from there as well. All the while he has worked really hard at one full time and one part time job, and trying to find a better job this past while, but to no avail.
His resume had gone out to literally hundreds of businesses and some head hunter type woman found it on Monster.com. She saw he had a Masters Degree in Geography and she knew she had a placement for him at Google.
Now our David is a new Google employee. A Noogle.
His first day there were 90 new employees orienting at the main building on the HUGE campus in Mountain View, CA. There are 7.2 million square feet in the Mountain View facility. There are 32,500 employees worldwide and many more who are consultants, like David.
He is going to take a shuttle to work and save on the gas, he will be able to eat lunch in one of the 27 cafeteria/cafe's on the campus, and so many other amenities.
Last week our paper had a story about the best places to work in the USA. Google made #1.
So, bottom line, David is now working for the #1 employer in the Nation.
Not bad, eh?


  1. yay yay yay yay! oh happy day! go daveed! :)

  2. not bad at all! Congrats to David! I used to work in those buildings back in the day when SGI owned (and built) them. The cafeterias are to die for...better than pretty much any restaurant you can find anywhere in Utah!!! Tell him to make sure he doesn't spend too much time there, cuz they'll fatten him up in no time flat!!! LOL

  3. That is beyond exciting. He couldn't have found a better employer. So, so cool!


  4. Congrats, son. Very proud of your journey!

  5. Thanks Mom for this little shout out, I love you.

    Thanks to everyone else too.

  6. So very excited for David! With such a specialized degree I bet he is so happy to have a job that is right up his alley--and a great company to work for too. I'm a big Google Earth/Google Maps fan (and probably would have gotten a degree in Geography too if I had known there was such a thing). Please pass on my congratulations to David!