Friday, May 4, 2012

Bridal Shower

My bowling partners daughter is getting married and my friend Carolyn suggested we throw her a shower. We opted to have it at my house and so I, of course, did the decorations and invitations.
The bride has chosen blue and peach for her wedding colors, so I took the peach and used the analogous colors toward yellow to create a comfortable matched combination.
The yellow paper clip has the couples registry information and the hostesses of the party clipped to the main invite. I added some colorful ribbon and string to the top of the clip.
 Even the stamps matched the envelopes. Awesome postal service we had.
I finished the card with a little flower to close up the insert.  Then into the envelope goes the invite.
 I made a bunch of paper medallions and borrowed a few from Jamie at church, for the decorations.
 Put some at the entry door.
Made a funky chalkboard and placed some medallions on it. I used old wood pallets and plywood for the chalkboard. Just painted it with black chalkboard paint in 2 coats.

 Entryway in its fullness.

Carolyn made some Canapé's and cute chicken stuffed shells, Barb made cheese and grapes, I made Rosemary Caprese Skewers, Sarah put together some yummy cakes and munchies to go round the room.
 The dessert table was in the dining room and I just hung the paper fan medallions from the chandelier. Whatever works, eh?
I made some Macaron Cookies. I'm getting better at them, and these had peach jam in marscapone cheese for the filling.
Also these Orange Meringue Cookies that were pretty easy to make, but one batch of them was a bit sticky the day of the shower, so I stuck them back into the oven on low heat and they crisped right up.
They were so pretty I took a picture and sent it to the other ladies helping with the shower.

A lot of work but it did turn out nice.

 Part of the group.
 And of course the bride,
who was joined by the groom during the final moments of the shower.
Nice kids. Best wishes to them.


  1. The invitations, decorations and food all look amazing! Congratulations to Tracy and her fiance too, so excited for them!

  2. Cute couple!

    Lots of work for you, I'm sure, but you make it look easy...