Monday, May 28, 2012

Lunar Eclipse

The Hubby and I were in Palm Desert last week to celebrate my birthday and to use up a Marriott Club vacation week. not in that order
We were able to see the lunar eclipse and even though we hadn't made a box for viewing it, my smart Hubby knew just what to do.
Apparently when he was a boy, he had a father that knew just what to do when you wanted to view to sun as the moon was moving through it. Grandpa Hodgman, as I knew him, was a practical and smart man who was always up on the latest news and events. So … he made a cool box that you could look into and see the reflection of the sun against a white piece of paper that was strategically placed.
This time we had no box. The Hubby just devised another method and put a pinhole in a piece of paper that reflected through to another piece of paper with the image of the eclipse.
 Look at this tiny reflection.
 Now the moon is moving through to the other side of the sun.
 I took this with my iPhone and somehow got a reflection in the lower 1/3 of the picture of the eclipse.
How did that happen??? Very cool!!!
This is from Stephanie's IPhone. She had driven to Moab, Utah to view it with some friends. They were at Arches National Park and got special glasses from the ranger for viewing.

What a beautiful world.


  1. Karen and Dave were looking right at it like a couple of dopes. I was out there yelling at them to stop, and they finally listened and did the paper thing.

    Cool photos!


  2. That's so cool. being on the back side of the mountain, we just watched the mountainside across the valley get darker than lighter was a little eery, actually!