Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mother Nature

You never know what might happen when growing children, or building with rocks, or planting a tree. It seems that you just get to do a little work and then sit back and make discoveries about its outcome.
Here's a very random example. Why did this one tulip grow so much after it was cut and placed in water?
Did we not treat the other tulip the same?
This is after 2 days of being in the arrangement. It had started out fairly evenly.
Love it!


  1. Okay. That's kinda strange!

    Lovely arrangement, by the way...


  2. Love that! And the flowers are all gorgeous. I was just noticing that the roses that Luke, my stepson, gave me for M's Day are not only still living, but they all have new baby leaves growing out of the stems... first off, when do roses EVER last 2.5 weeks?! But then to have new growth starting too? crazy...