Wednesday, May 30, 2012

No Pool??

We have been members of the "Club" (athletic) down the street for nearly 2 decades.
Yikes, I hadn't thought of that in the long term for a while. Think of how much money we've sunk into (ie; waisted on) that place.
I think I have used the pool down there a total of 6 times, so I don't often think about it at all. The other day, however, I was picking up L #1 from school early when her mother was gone and I wondered what fun thing I could do with my little granddaughter. It was a rather warm day, and since the pool in our backyard looks something like this.
It was decided to go to the Club and use theirs. 
A good time was had by ALL!


  1. what a fun grand daughter date!! gotta love a good club... :)

  2. Looks like things in your yard are coming along nicely...


    PS. Cute little granddaughter you've got there!

  3. so fun! Thanks for taking great care of my baby girl!