Wednesday, September 5, 2012

August Backyard Progress

This past month we saw a couple large and many little things come together. We are nearly finished now with the exception of the water feature that is between the pool and the patio below, and the metal trim around the small arbor posts.
 The kids really wanna jump in here in early August, but the pool is still too cold for us. The solar and gas took longer to get all hooked up than we had the patience for.
 So they got into their skivies and got in the water anyway.
 "You are right! It is cold." The pool is covered in shade most of the day and so some kind of heat is totally necessary in this backyard pool.
 The lights got hung in trees, patio's and along paths.

 Okay, they actually talked me into it here.

 Our nephew Brett with Jess and kids came for a short visit and played well with the 2nd cousins.
 The solar got connected only to find a huge leak  flood coming out from under the cement floor in the shed. Had to have it dug out and repaired major.  Then again the solar guys came out and hooked us up only to find the that the welders had sparked several small holes into one of the plastic solar panels the pool water runs through. "TURN IT OFF!!"
So …. they came again another day and replaced that problem. It does seem to be running smoothly now. Murphy has no more what-ifs to choose from.
 Plants are happy with the cooler weather.
 The Hubby got the BBall hoop all set up.

 The A/V guys got things working (almost all of them anyway.) We watched a lot of the Olympics out here in the covered patio area. There are 2 infared heaters for the cooler nights that we will use later.
Chimney was finished up, and the fire logs arranged too.
 Last arbor is welded into place.
Amazing that it is usable, comfortable and great. Now the upkeep starts. The lighting and watering systems could be a nightmare if we don't keep them perfectly coifed. I have no idea where some of them originate and end, so there will be a learning curve for me in this regard. 


  1. So glad to see that the year?long project is coming to a beautiful completion. It looks great! I'm sure you'll have lots of visitors :)

  2. I have to admit the impromptu underwear swim has been my favorite of the summer! The backyard looks amazing!

  3. What a great accomplishment! You have lived through it!!


    PS. I have to admit that I am dragging my heels on ours....It just takes SOOOO long.