Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Utah Travels

There were several reasons for going to Utah for the long weekend.
One was my MIL's 85th birthday.
Happy Birthday Grandma Hodgman
We also went to an American Fork volleyball game and watched Stephanie coach her girls to an amazing comeback victory. We met her new boyfriend Jon, and had a nice visit with him throughout the game.

Here we are at the Brigham City temple open house. Stephanie and Jon came to see it with us. She has gone to one other open house in Sacramento a few years ago, but it was good to be able to take her to see the whole inside of this beautiful edifice.
 There were amazing touches throughout, and the finish work was just beautiful. (I feel fine, but it appears as though I'm ready to fall over. My neck pain sometimes puts me at an odd angle.)
Steph took this magazine-ready picture of the outside of the temple.
Our Jonathan came to Mantua to celebrate with Grandma too. This is out the front windows toward the beautiful mountain and reservoir.


  1. Oh yeah, and there was that little 40 year high school reunion thingy for the hub. Odd trip back into time - - - -

    1. Don't want to show my age you know!

  2. Sorry your neck is bothering you. That's no fun.

    Your daughter and her boyfriend make a cute couple.

    Grandma looks great!

    And so does Jonathan!