Sunday, September 23, 2012

"I Love You - You Love Me"

No, I haven't reverted to watching reruns of the big purple dinosaur, but Barney just popped into my head. Sometimes the 80's does that.

This is totally off subject for what I am intending to write about, but I always say "I missed the 80's."

This because I was making babies, and cleaning up after them, and training them to clean up after themselves, and singing children's songs with them, and reading nursery rhymes, and mending broken toys, as well as skinned up knees, etc., etc. I was also working as a nurse at Emanuel Hospital in Portland, OR several days a week, and fixing up a new home, learning mothering skills from my awesome neighbors, and sometimes The Hubby and I each had 3 church callings at once. You know the drill.

Although I was too busy to follow fashion very closely. I do remember trends such as John's seminary student Rod Mc??? (McKenzie - just found him on FB)  wearing skinny ties to high school and poofy hair on Melanie Allen and Marjorie Jensen(and me too I guess) to boot. I was too busy listening to children's music to become real familiar with the "Village People" or any other pop culture.
When an invitation for a wedding in the early 90's came and I did not have a clue about the motions to the "YMCA" song. I thought, "Where have I been."  It is pretty funny looking back on it now, but my interests and time were being spent where they should be, so I didn't worry about it much.
I don't think my Young Women at church thought I was out of touch at all. In fact I think they would be surprised that I had no clue about the songs they were listening too or the movies they were seeing. They just related to me anyway, because I was a young cool mom and it really didn't matter. Life was a bit slower because of technology, so I wonder if I would have taken time for Facebook or Pinterest if I could have back then. Maybe, but then again maybe not. It wouldn't have allowed time to wallpaper bathrooms, make bedspreads and curtains for my children's rooms, take long walks with children riding on their "Big Wheels" and cook nutritious dinners. So who will ever know?

Now …. Off rant about the 80's.

What this post is supposed to be about is how supportive The Hubby is of me.

Yesterday I told him I had wanted to go to a Quilt show in Livermore that occurs each September. Last year I couldn't go and I think I just found out about it the year before, but it is held at a long established plant nursery which is located in a beautiful grove of native huge Live Oak trees called Alden Lane Nursery.

Yesterday wasn't an ideal day for us to attend, because I was doing RS visits in the late morning after a Stake choir practice, and The Hubby was supposed to attend a Priesthood meeting in the afternoon (that had been changed the previous week to include him and all men.) Well I gave him an excuse to come with me because I didn't want to go alone and he obliged.
I suppose I go to some things most wives don't want to go to. I attend guy movies, games, etc. But I really do enjoy those things and I'm not sure I should expect him to enjoy "my" things the same way.


But, he doesn't complain and I appreciate having him along for these jaunts. What a good Hubby I have!
He even confided that it was honestly quite a pretty site all these colorful quilts hung up high into the trees.
Inspiring!?! Yes He is!

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  1. I think you are both inspiring. I agree about the 80's, although I'm more like the late 70's! I remember on our girl cruise that you guys knew all the words and dances to zillions of songs, where I knew melodies and that's about it. Oh well. I'm ok with my duddiness.