Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Coach Steph

Our little girl is turning into a real coach trying to figure out how to best play her volleyball team members, adjust all their positions, make sure their camaraderie is improving, and keep the girls happy as they practice and play in tournaments.
Last weekend they played in Las Vegas and she was slightly frustrated.
...Not really, she was actually extremely frustrated.
I just thought it was cute.
After playing ON a club team all through middle and high school, she is now the adult and experiencing the club scene (yes, this is her version of the club scene) from the other side.
You go girl!


  1. A new life experience!



  2. she'll keep at it & become one heck of a coach!:)

  3. I love the photos! The bottom one just screams "Really?! Really?!!" She's getting some good experience for life to come. That's terrific.