Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Katz Wool Vest

My DD found a very cute Anthropology vest and wanted me to duplicate it for her.
I said I'd look for some wool when I went to NYC in December, which I did, and then I figured it out.
I took an old Butterick pattern 3118 that I own for a jacket.
This pattern apparently came out in 1989 and I think I bought it around 1990 for a very cute Christmas suit that I made for myself.
I found this picture in my 1990 photo album. It was taken in our Clackamas, Oregon living room. Who are those people?  I think this was the first time I saw my husband in a tuxedo. That may be a story for another time, but I digress. I loved the brocade this jacket was made out of and I made 3-4 y/o Kathryn a dress with it too.

If you read my blog, you may remember I went shopping in the garment district in NYC and it was a very fun experience shopping at Mood Fabrics. I found some medium weight black wool that would make up beautifully.
So I made the vest using this old pattern and making each piece to the waist. Then I made a peplum type thing in all of the front, side and back pieces and attached them to the main body. I self-lined the peplum with the same wool fabric, and lined the main body with a very fun silk black with yellow circles intermixed.

The ruffle down the front is single fabric and ungathered. I cut out two 20 inch diameter circles (which is the length of the seam from the center front to the center back), measured out 5 inches from the outline of the circle for the ruffle including the seam allowances. This created a round 5" wide band that I sewed together at the back seam. I rolled hem finished the edge for finish and then sewed it onto the seam allowance. Cutting it into a round shape gives it extra fabric along the non-seamed side, therefore ruffling it without gathering.

My DD looks so cute in it. Sometimes my photography skills leave something to be desired.


  1. I am just blown away by your ability to do something like this.



  2. OK, first of all, I love the 1990 photo of you and zee hubby. You look mahvelous, dahlink, simply mahvelous!

    And second, the vest is adorable, not to mention the very cute model.

    And last, don't you want to adopt me and make me cute things to wear too?!

  3. what are you going to do with yourself when i move away & stop commissioning you to make ITEM after ITEM for my family?! haha- LOOOOOVE my new vest!