Sunday, February 13, 2011

Quite a Rivalry

Our University of Utah basketball playing son got us tickets to the U of U @ BYU game yesterday and we were not disappointed.  Gotta love the BYU Marriott Center for the loudness factor as well as the total showtime atmosphere of the place.
Michael said the student section was full before he and his U of U teammates even arrived on site.
This large student section that is so high on their Jimmer Freddette is so NOT high on the U.  They had some funny and imaginative posters for their team, as well as some not nice ones for the Utes.
"Class it up a little," were my thoughts in a nutshell.
Going up for a warm-up layup. He doesn't play in the games, but he is helping his team become better on a daily basis. M has a great attitude and work ethic on the practice court and I believe he is good for the teams emotional and physical dynamics. He knows the game well and can be anyone he is asked to be for the scouts in practice. The coach welcomes him to play all 4 years even if he doesn't play in the games.
Michael's team stayed with the heavily favored Cougars until the last quarter and held Jimmer to 8 points until that time. Then ... Jimmer and his Cougs took off.
This is the last game where the 2 teams are playing for conference standings, as next year they both switch conferences. I'm sure their rivalry will remain, but truly the games aren't going to mean as much in the future.
We were proud of our boys.
The crowd was proud of their boys.
Stephanie and Michael couldn't believe the electricity in the arena. It really took me back. My big brother played for the Cougars before they were in the Marriott Center in the early 70's, and I have lots of memories going to the Smith Field House as a young girl. I also have memories of when I was a student there at the "Y".
Lots of fun.


  1. Glad you had a chance to be there. And what a compliment to your son that the coach wants him for all four years. He clearly has a role to play there. One way or the other, he is going to have a wonderful experience.

    Really neat!


  2. How fun! I can't believe that your "baby" is so grown up and SOOO tall!!!