Monday, February 21, 2011

Green Sweater for My Boy

Such a cute little guy, I thought I'd knit him up something to keep him warm.  I have been trying to sew more lately and so my knitting has been slower than usual.  I finally finished this little sweater, then the Hubby said, "Really?, You think that's big enough for him?"
Well, this little/big guy came over last night and alas, the sweater is not going to be his. It'll just have to be stashed in my cupboard for a littler guy to come along. 
Here are the pieces all laid out before sewing them together.  I just have the shoulder seam done in the top pix.  Then below are the "blocked" sleeves.
I think the one thing that helps a sweater in the final stages look less homemade is the blocking of it before being sewn together.
Just lay out the pieces and spray with water, then pin and measure all the way around each piece to fit the sizes printed on the pattern. This makes everything lie flatter and sew together more easily.
I let it dry overnight and sometimes steam the pieces if they are curling up around the edges more than I want them to.
All finished with some ordinary buttons.

I supposed I should look at the bright side and say, "I'm done with a gift for a later time and child."

Fun, Fun.


  1. SAD! It is soooo cute too! We appreciate the effort :) I hate that my baby boy is already so big!!

  2. It's very cute, and I suspect it will be in use before long...