Saturday, March 12, 2011


Yep, that's my new bowling high score.
I'm the middle line score and you can see that I didn't start out my first frame with even a spare, but in the middle of the game I had 4 strikes in a row. You have to have them in a row to be able to get the score up high. My previous high score was 199 about 3 years ago.
My neck is still killing me constantly, but I do think I'm getting straighter in my posture and normal body mechanics. Perhaps this bowling game is reflective of that.
The Hubby came home with ...
He's proud of my stellar accomplishment. What a cutie. I actually thought the cake was a reminder of something else, and we had a very good laugh with Kathryn about it. This banana cake from "Icing on the Cake," is one of my fave's. Too bad I'm giving up sugar for lent.
(No I didn't convert to Catholicism)


  1. congrats! You just reminded me of one other thing I miss about CA - Icing on the Cake! Oh, my mouth is watering. But I, too, have forsaken sugar, that old devil!! LOL

  2. funniest. thing. ever.

    i ate yet another slice of that cake for breakfast. i'll have anita's sugar too. mmmmm!

  3. I LOVE Icing on the Cake. And my sugar fast is feeling a little bit harder just looking at this specimen!

    At any rate, 215 is a bowling score well worth celebrating.

    Hope your neck improves soon. Mine is temperamental, too, and it's no fun.