Friday, March 4, 2011

Pom Pom Hat

The jumper dress I made big Lexy had to have a coat and hat to match,  for one reason I had yarn that went with it (remember my problem with matchy-matchy stuff), and another because I had made a hat like this for Stephanie last year, so I already had this cute little pattern.
 She helped me make the pom poms. (or she wanted to for about 15 seconds) and she thinks it's okay that the hat is a little big for her.  Easy to please.
 I guess she can wear it for a long time that way. Like the rest of her life.
She is definitely my most engaged model, don't you agree.
Matching coat up next.


  1. such the model! CUTE hat...I want one too :)

  2. she is too too cute, and I'm putting in an order for such a cute hat too.... it would get LOTS of good use here with all the snow we have!

  3. I just LOVE those colors.