Monday, March 7, 2011

K's New (Copied) Dress

My DD found this dress that she wanted online. The shop is called Shabby Apple and she wondered if she could get out of buying it and have me make it up for her.

So I looked for some grey pinstriped wool while I was in NYC in December and found this great wool with a little added spandex. I also found a fairly heavy, green, satin looking fabric which also included about 3 percent spandex so I thought I'd try that too because DD wanted to use the same colors that she had seen in the picture. 
I used an old pattern that I had in my stash. McCall's 2392.
This pattern is a basic princess cut sheath dress and I just changed the neckline to a v type in the front center and added extra seam allowance in the back for pleating.

Honestly, I don't sew much fashion fabric, because most of the things I make for the little girls are out of cotton quilting or heirloom type fabrics.  Since I used to sew more of my own adult type clothing in the 70's and 80's the fabrics have changed considerably, so needless to say, I was a bit hesitant to cut into this beautiful wool.
The grey color is not too dark and not too light, and I pleated it in box pleats every inch for the bottom back of the dress.
I also put one pleat in the sleeves from top to bottom, and 3 pleats across the back of the bodice. The tie goes seamlessly into the collar at the neckline and can be tied in a simple knot or a small bow.
From the top of the back.
From the bottom of the back.
It fits well. (Check out the babies ruffle buns)
And looks good from all angles. I like the heavier green fabric than the original dress from "Shabby Apple," but because it doesn't hang as limp, I shortened the tie so it wouldn't be too bulky.
This little C looks cute in E's hand me down that I made about 18 months ago.


  1. ok. amazing again. when do you sleep!!?

  2. I've asked it before, and I'll ask it again. How do you DO these things??


  3. I was admiring her dress at church on Sunday--I didn't know you made it. Beautiful!!

  4. i can't believe you only made that apple dress 18 months ago. wow.

    i'm lovin on my new dress. thanks mama!!!!

  5. You are my hero. I may have to come and live under your tutelage for a while. I love this dress, and dream of the day that I can create something like it!

  6. man-o-man! You are one amazing_____ fill in the blank with all kinds of awesome adjectives! xo