Tuesday, March 29, 2011

In My Arrogant Opinion

NCAA Mens Basketball has always been a part of my life. When I was 9 years old my brother, who is 9 years my senior, started playing college ball for BYU and so we traveled to many games in Provo as well as a few other places the next 4 years. Good memories.
My other brother coached at a small college for about 15 years until a few years ago, and most of the 15 nephews are into the game both physically and mentally, including my own Michael who has played on the U of U team this past year.
So, you would think that this family of mine would do well when it comes to predicting the winners of the big tournament at the end of the season which is dubbed March Madness.
Well, you would be wrong.
Out of 34 of us Kelly's participating in this years ESPN challenge, not one of us has a pick left in the final 4 that has a win predicted. So no more possible points to be added to anyones total.          
 Nada, Zero, Zip!
I have UConn in the mix but they aren't supposed to win, so I can't get any points for them.
However ..... I am the WINNER!!!!!!! Yes IMAO (in my arrogant opinion) is in 1st place.
Yes you heard correctly. I WON!   With the tournament not over for nearly a week I am the winner from all the other rounds.
So, I get the coveted prize. A basketball cut out to look like a helmet or something. I'll show you when I receive it from Kara my DIL, who was the winner last year. (We are keeping it in Nor Cal if we possibly can.)
Looks like I won the immediate family bracket as well. I actually get $ for this one from the Hubby.  Think I'll buy an ice cream machine.


  1. woot woot!! i've been waiting for this post! champion supreme! IMAO will most certainly have to stick for you from now on. my opinion is just FACT! hahaha

    & now you get a well deserved 'bonus' as well, to get that ice cream machine you've been wanting- guilt free :)

  2. This has been the strangest season ever, hasn't it? Everybody in our family missed the final four also. Upset after upset!

    Todd, who goes to Arizona, was especially sad when they lost...but thrilled that they went as far as they did!


  3. You seriously get $$ from John??? hee hee. btw, somehow we should get the 3 legged Isle of Man logo on that bball. If it ever comes back to Oregon I'll have Lisa do it.

  4. You seriously get $$ from John. Woo hoo! What a deal. Not sure why that last comment didn't post. Get a White Mountain - they're pretty great, we love ours.
    If that bball ever comes back to the Oregon area of the country, I'll have Lisa add the Isle of Man 3 legged logo. Wouldn't that be awesome and make it thoroughly tack(ier)?