Sunday, May 8, 2011

Michael's Call

In my previous post I was just back from DC and heading to SLC to pick up our baby from his freshman year in college.
Well, he had started packing,
and his messy room quickly converted to a clean empty room with the help of Stephanie and Mom.
Then I shopped with Stephanie (more about her news later),  located the oldest brother Jonathan, so he could go to lunch with us and say goodbye to Michael, (JG showed us a pretty authentic German deli in downtown SLC called Siegfried's that was very good and unique.) and ate dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory in Trolley Square. (this restaurant hasn't changed since the 70's and was okay, but too ordinary for todays highly developed palate)
That night, Michael and I headed off to Brigham City to be able to see Grandma Hodgman the following morning.
He got to spend a short time with her and say goodbye and then we headed out to California in the old pickup truck.
By Reno, we received word that Dad had gotten the mail and Michael had a big white envelope in it from the Office of the First Presidency in SLC.
Dad said he would set up a conference call with any of the relatives who cared to, or had the time to listen in that evening when we arrived home. Michael then called a few friends who are home from or attend college at home, to come over and participate in the letter opening. It was very nice of these 3 good boys to come to our home for this occasion when they don't even get why when or how he is doing this mission thing.
There ended up being nearly 20 people on the conference call. In addition to those, we had 3 of Michael's friends, David's whole sleepy family (well behaved for 9:30 at night I might add), as well as Dad and Mom on the homefront. Stephanie was "skyping" on Michaels computer, while Kathryn and Austin were "Face timing" on our Mac in front of the missionary to be. Quite an entourage.
Doesn't he look like an awesome missionary.

So ... he is going to Brazil Sao Paulo North Mission.
Leaving October 12.  This is still 5 months out, but there are Visa arrangements and other things that have to be taken care of before he goes, so I guess he is off to find a job in the am to make a bit of money before he goes.

Congrats to my fine son.


  1. We've had a couple of missionaries serve in that mission, and they loved it.

    Congratulations to all of you!


  2. what about Stephanie's news?!!

    We are so excited for Michael. He is going to do some AMAZING things in the world!