Sunday, May 15, 2011

Second Cousin's Wedding

We didn't get pictures of me and my ol' cousins, but the day was very fun for me, and the bride was beautiful, happy and radiant.

We went to the Sacramento Temple yesterday afternoon and attended the wedding of my cousin Cindy's daughter Sabrina.

The Hubby was a trooper and indulged me staying into the evening to chat it up with my Chipman cousin's Kerry and Todd. These, along with the mother of the bride, were my closest cousins as I was growing up. Their mother was my special Aunt June, who always made me feel like I was just amazing and was my mothers only sister. Kerry and Todd both had their cute wives with them to inform me of many going ons, and I met 3 more of their children.  These little second cousins (of my children that is, they are actually my first cousins once removed) who never remembered meeting me several years ago, were very nice and engaging new family members.
I thoroughly enjoyed myself.
Congrats to Sabrina and her love Jared.


  1. Beautiful bride, and what a neat thing for you to see the family!


  2. i'm so glad you could go! Jealous, but really, glad!