Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Where Do I Begin?

I've had an eventful past week in Alexandria, VA and have half a day now to ready myself for another eventful weekend in Salt Lake City.
Just a short recap.
 I got to see her .....
 .. and spend some quality time with her ....
... and be amazed at how many of these ... I saw.
 It was extremely hot and humid about half of the time, and for April into May I think that is unusual.
So we were in our skivvies much of the time, because the new air conditioner is on order.
 We rode on the DC Metro.
 Enjoyed the Smithsonian.
Especially the butterflies. (pronounced bublefie)
And .... the butterflies liked us.  Especially the flowers in our hair.

We hung a few pictures, and shopped for home accessories.
We also planted a bit of a garden for them to enjoy this summer.

Now I best go unpack and regroup so I can go pick up MM from Utah. One year under his belt.

More on the news front for Michael coming soon.


  1. What a fun trip, busy lady!! I know you wouldn't trade it for anything...and neither would I. Enjoy seems that spring is finally making its entry. Yay!

  2. i think it was a bit hotter for you even though you were our basement dweller. & blinds came yesterday & drumroll... A/C today!! haha just a tad late, eh?

    thanks again for coming!! we on for the 4th of july? :)

  3. Must have been great to hook up with that cute family and have fun with the g'daughters.