Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I didn't even talk to my mother on Sunday. I tried, but she is off gallivanting in St. George and didn't pick up her cell.  No internet access while they are down south either, because they aren't staying long enough to set it up.
I do love my smart phone!
So I got to talk to her last night, and she (and Dad) is doing quite well, (else how could she and the papa disappear like they did). Apparently her heel is still really hurting, but the rest of her including her new shoulder is feeling AOK. As for Dad, his knee replacement is healing better and so he's up for activity too.

I was able to have 2 of my boys here for the day plus David's little family.
My girls sent me home from my trips to see them last week with some cute little items to commemorate the day as well.
 Aren't these Anthro measuring cups just adorable?
This Kitchenaide vinyl art fists me to a T.
The Hubby bought me some great flowers that were enhanced by my own sweet peas.
I feel loved. I hope my Mother does too.
Thanks ALL!!!


  1. Love that vinyl art for your mixer! So cute!!


    PS. Glad you were able to catch up with your gallivanting mom and dad...


  2. And the Sweet Peas!!! love them, and you!