Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Age Of Aquarium

David and I were singing this non-song the whole day on Saturday when the whole family took a little trip to Monterey.
 The two youngest members of the family get the best rides in the city.
 There are some wild looking anemones.
 Some brightly colored ones as well.
Animal, vegetable, or mineral????
 The hands on exhibits are pretty cool. You can touch all sorts of star fish (aka sea stars) and shells that are covered with moss in the frigid water that mimics the Bay.
Outside looking out over the bay the two sisters pose for a shot.
 "Come over here, Mom!"
 David and Kara's little family loved all the exhibits.
 Austin's parents made for a double set of Grandparents. We needed extra eyes and hands as we traversed the aquarium.
 The jelly fish are my favorites. I didn't get to see them for long enough because we were all getting tired and hungry by then. Next time we will start at this end of the aquarium.
This pure white one must have 2.5 million tentacles surrounding the bell of the animal. So fragile and dainty and strong at the same time.
The Hubby was snapping away the whole day and got lots of pictures. Thanks hun!


  1. thanks for the aquarium day! it's all i wanted to do with my aquatic animal obsessed kidlets. :) what a fun, perfect day in monterey!

  2. What a good-looking family! And you are looking terrific!!